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Welcome to Wardrop's Philately Online!

Apologies for the disruption in service over the course of the past few days. Please bear with us as we have been experiencing technical difficulties. However, due to this we have decided to move forward our scheduled redevelopment of the site, and you should start seeing changes shortly.

Please note that currently the forms on the site are not functioning correctly, and if you have a query please feel free to contact us via email, telephone or fax.

The goal of this page is to represent the ultimate launchpad for surfing the Internet for information on Stamps.  So whether you're a Stamp Collector, a Stamp Dealer, interested in Postal History, Postal Authorities, Stamp Software, Stamp Clubs, Stamp Auctions, Stamp Societies or Stamp Insurance we hope you'll find something of interest here.  

There will simply be no reason to start anywhere else...if you know of a Stamp Collecting /Dealing /Auction or Information site that is not listed here then please  tell us about it...and we'll list it.

If you'd like to contact us please feel free:
e-mail  here

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